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Cat® 50 Hz Prime Diesel Generators

Diesel Generators - Prime Power

In prime power Diesel Generators, output is available with varying load for an unlimited time. Here, the average power output is 70% of the prime power rating.

Cat’s 50 Hz prime power Diesel Generators help you to keep on running your most demanding power generation application even in the power outage in a flaw less way. You can detect any unwanted fluids and combustion by-products as well as the internal engine component condition with the featuredCat® S•O•SSM program. These Diesel Generators’ user-friendly interface and navigation help the end-user to operate it in an easy way.

Cat’s 50 Hz prime power diesel generator models are obtained in three varieties of models such as low BSF, low emission and EU stage II to meet your exact power generation requisites.

Cat 50 Hz Prime Diesel Generators Model

 Low Emission
 EU Stage II

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